10 Reasons To Have a Blog

Having a blog is one of the most important and vital aspects of your business.  If you don't have one yet, read why every small business owner should have one. 

#1 – A blog is Your Main Nerve Center for Your Business.

It’s the center of everything; a blog is the hub of your entire enterprise. And in this day and age, it’s absolutely insane not to have one.

2 – People Spend TIME on Your Blogs.

I’ve seen a huge spike in the amount of time people spend on my blog, and the number of pages they see. Visitors love to read about your story, and what got you started in your niche. Here’s the truth – people want to connect with a real person. And that’s why you need a blog.

#3 – A Blog BRANDS You.

People buy from people they know, like and trust. And a blog is an opportunity for you to showcase you. In fact, you can collect testimonials and put them on your blog.

#4 – Own Your Own Traffic and Content.

Your blog allows you to OWN the traffic in your own videos instead of losing traffic to related videos in YouTube.

This is a biggie. You can just easily post that same video you uploaded to youtube right on your blog, and send your prospects and subscribers on your list to your blog to absorb YOUR content. This is huge since the Panda update (for you SEO geeks!)

#5 – Dominate Your SEO.

A blog is particularly well-suited for SEO. I get most of my traffic FREE simply by making a blog post in a certain way. And I’ll share that way with you in our members-only area for free! I think it’s scary how easy it is.

#6 – A Monetization Machine.

You can monetize your traffic to your blog by putting up selected affiliate programs. This is the cashflow that supports your long-term business. Without it, you’ll struggle. All of our blog themes come with instant income generations slots for you to promote your favourite affiliate programs.

#7 – Instant Leadership.

Having your own platform to share your thoughts and ideas instantly makes you come off as a leader in your niche.

This is very powerful in driving more readership and loyal followers of your blog and products.  And this WILL not happen to you if you don’t have a blog.

#8 – Social Media.

Social media is important now. It can’t be ignored – think Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. LinkedIn…

And a blog is an easy way for prospects and visitors to connect with you further once they discover you on social media. 

A blog allows them to make a deeper connection with you on a platform that you own – everyone has heard of the awful stories when Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, just shuts down your account)

There is a significant jump in sales when people start connecting with you over MULTIPLE social media channels and your blog!

#9 – Advanced Tracking.

Blogs allow you to track your visitors, learn more about what resonates with them, and most importantly, to use advanced marketing techniques that you can ONLY use if you have your own website.

#10 – Blogs are Super-Easy to Use.

The hard part is setting it up, but once it’s set-up, if you can use Microsoft Word (or any word processor program) you can easily and effortless create your own content on a blog.

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No problem.  If you already have a blog, we can still help – it just depends on what you need help with. 

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First, maybe you like your blog (this is very important) but it needs TWEAKING. 

Take a look at this service we offer, “The Blog Shakeup”. It's designed to pinpoint the areas where your blog might be suffering and our job is to help you remedy that. 

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The other thing we can do, is start again if that's your desire.

The third thing is maybe you simply need help with “running” your blog. 

We offer many services to our clients so that they can outsource the things they have trouble with, from writing, to research, to marketing and the list goes on…

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