Hello my dear readers, today's lesson is going to show you 4 different blog post examples you can write to get traffic to your blog.

Did you know that bloggers who write 11+ content pieces for their blogs per month get a sizeable amount more traffic than those who only post 4 times a month?

Content is king and using these 4 type of blog post examples, we're going to show you how to create it easy and painlessly.

Using well chosen keywords (and I'll show you how to do that in a moment) you'll be able to write these 4 type of blog post examples that will be well optimized for the search engines. 

In fact, with the right keyword research, choosing one of these blog post examples, I often get my blog post on the 1st or 2nd page of Google 
immediately by using this exact method. 

Today we'll talk about 4 main types of blog post examples. 

  1. Keyword based (SEO) Blog Post 
  2. Strategy based Blog Post 
  3. The List Blog Post
  4. The Video Blog Post 

The Keyword Based Blog Post

The Keyword-based blog post is the first of the blog post examples where you are specifically optimizing your post for a particular keyword 
phrase like “teamworkpm review.” 

This type of blog post requires that you have good keyword research.  

For keyword research you can use a great free program like whatsmyserp to do your keyword research.

I like whatsmyserp gives me a good base for what I should be writing on. By plugging in my keywords I can see how many people search for the term per month, how much competition there is, and whether or not I feel like I'll be able to rank for that particular keyword in the search engine.

Once I choose a main keyword and a few secondary keywords, then I am sure to optimize my blog post, following all good SEO practices to put myself in the best possible position. That's the main gist of the first type of blog post examples we'll be covering here.

The Strategy Based Blog Post

The Strategy-based blog post differs to the above blog post in that it is focuses more on the content of the blog post rather than scoring well in SEO.

This blog post is usually long 1000-1500 words and highly informative. This a blog post that sways a casual reader into following your blog for more great information.

Now don't get me wrong, you will still do your keyword research and be sure to include your chosen keywords in the post, but your main focus isn't to SEO the blog post – it's for your reader to gain something of value when reading it.

The “List” Blog Post

The List Blog Post is one of the easiest types of the blog post examples we're talking about today. 

You simply think of a numbered list of items that pertain to your post. So as a blog post example, it could be “The Top 5 Firefox Addons To Use…” and you would link to each addon, explain a little bit about it in a sentence or two, and then go onto the next one. Pretty simple, even if you have limited writing skills. 

The last of the blog post examples is even easier to create.  

The Video Blog Post

For the video blog post example you just record a video on your webcam or using a digital camera, and upload it to YouTube.  

Then, after it's uploaded, post it on your blog. You may or may not decide to include a short introduction or summary paragraph. 

Simple eh?

But where do you get content?

That's pretty easy too.

The internet.

Just search, read a few articles or blog posts, and you can easily put that information in your own words.  

Quick Notes

The writing level on the internet is very simple, so don't worry.

It's been said that most of the writing on the internet is at a Grade 6 level, so if you're intimidated by writing don't be.

There are also great programs out there like “Grammarly” that can help you fix what you've written and make you feel more confident about your writing.

Now you have the keys to unlimited content.

And if you really take this lesson to heart, and apply it by writing one piece of content a day, you'll be generating income before the end of the month. 

That said, there is a stat as I mentioned earlier that shows that those bloggers who put out 11+ pieces of content per month get a sizable amount of traffic in comparison to those who only post about 4 times a month. So take the 4 blog post examples we talked about here today and start writing!

Now even if you are writing a non-keyword based blog post, I highly recommend that you optimize your blog post for a keyword anyhow. You took the time to create a piece of content.  Give it the respect it deserves.

You will get traffic from the search engines for ALL types of blog posts if 
you use the optimization techniques I share here.

By the way, I use this plugins: 


To help me optimize all of my posts.

Action Steps

OK, this one should be pretty clear.

Write a blog post choosing any one of those blog post examples.

So be sure before you lay your head on the pillow tonight, you've written your blog post.  

It should only take 20 minutes if you focus on it.  Plus, you'll feel great.  In fact, if you don't write a post today, you'll feel a bit cheated. 

Look, I can't watch over your shoulder to make sure you actually write something.  But to get the TRANSFORMATION we're after, it's essential. 

I recommend you pick a topic and start writing right now.  

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Hope this was helpful, now go write! 😁