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What Kind of blog Should I Start?

This is the million-dollar question.

When someone decides that a blog is the business they want to build online, sometimes people know what they want to write about, but more often than not, they have decided they want to blog but aren't sure yet what they want to blog about.

Now, if you haven't done it already, be sure to pick up the the PDF report in our content library “41 Carefully Crafted Blog Niches” to help you brainstorm some ideas, but the here are 3 tips to help you determine what you want to blog about.

Finding Your Perfect Niche

Now some of you may not understand “WHY” we’ll spend so much time on your niche and audience, but it’s important.

You may think that you want to blog about the widest topic possible, but it’s actually the opposite.

When someone hits your blog, you want them to know what your blog is about – ideally, you want to be the “go-to” hub for that particular topic.

So for example, if you are interested in weight loss, you don’t just want to have a blog dedicated to weight loss (which is a huge area with lots of competition), but have a very defined focus, possibly weight loss for women over 40 – from there we expand on the topic.

You see, if you’re writing about so many different topics, it’s very hard for your audience to grasp what you are all about, and the goal of your blog is to provide them with highly relevant information that they want to keep on coming back for.

You want them to know what to expect from your blog and that's how they make a determination that they want to keep reading your information.

Here is some work for this week:

Determine your passion, talent and/or knowledge that you can share with the world.  Decide how you can help an audience in that topic.

When doing this exercise, try to think about what exactly you’re going to talk about.  That means brainstorming about specific categories, topics and posts that you will write to attract that audience.

As you go through this exercise, you might have some products or services that pop into your head.  Make sure to write them down.

This will become part of your blog’s monetization strategy, so you’ll want to keep those ideas handy.

Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible…




What do you feel most passionate about in life?  It can be anything.

What content do you feel most passionate about writing?

What do you feel you have the most knowledge or talent in?

How can you combine your passion and knowledge to help others (your audience)?

Once you’ve determined your passion and knowledge, what broad topics can you write posts about?

Brainstorm 5 specific blog post ideas that you can write.

Once you've done this exercise, it will truly help you figure out where your knowledge and passion intersect.  From this point, you can start doing the research to see if there is money in this niche.


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