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At the heart of it all, blogging allowed us with the ultimate freedom. 

We have the time, location and income freedom to live how we want.  We create our days around our priorities (our children) and work around them.

Transitioning to full-time blogging felt right for our family and has been the most rewarding of all our online pursuits.



We Were Lucky

Like we mentioned, we have been lucky enough to have “cracked the code” to online marketing and working from home.

By the time we were in the latter half of our 20's, still without children, we were already making multiple 6 figures a year.

We were traveling, living the kind of life we wanted and my father-in-law in jest called us his “nomadic children” and we were.  Some of the pics below are from Panama Rainforest, The Bahamas and Kauai.

By the time we had our first baby, we had been working from home for 6 years.


Looking Back…

Looking back I don't think that we ever expected to do as well as we have.

We were just a couple of University students who wanted to work from home.  The internet was exploding at the time and we realized that people were making money online and we wanted to do the same. 

It started us dreaming of what our lives could look like if we decided to pursue an online business – working from anywhere in the world, choosing what we did with our days, working for income that had no cap.  It was worth it for us to go after.

Since then, and after a few years of studying everything we could get our hands on and struggling, it all started coming together. 

We have been named “Legends in the Making,” won numerous sales and marketing awards, Andrew was named the number #24 internet marketer in the world by his peers, we had several of our own product launches that brought in over 100K in 14 days, affiliate marketing launches that made us $15K in 7 days and we started consistenly making over 5 figures month after month.  

That said, blogging has always been a main part of our digital marketing strategy and several years ago, due to several life changes; a death in the family, a brand new baby, and a major move, our priorities in business also changed.

We put blogging front and center and it became our main source of income.

If you watched our video “Why Start A Blog”, you can watch it below if you haven't seen it yet, we explain the reasoning behind it all.

If you are looking at BlogLabs right now knowing you are ready to blog, trying to figure out what your next step is, then reach out.

That's why we created this community – for those of you who are looking for the same thing we were looking for.  Freedom, more time, more income, more time for the things you love.

BlogLabs and the BlogLabs community is here to help you set up a zero stress blogging business and to help you learn, grow your audience and make money.

Why We Blog?

Blog Labs Co-Founders

Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray

Founder, Visionary and Marketer

When I was really young my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up – I told her, “A house soldier.”

Thinking about it now, I guess, it’s kinda funny, that end up working from home.

In University, Marie and I ended up starting a “side hustle” online and because of it, we made 7 figures before the age of 30.

I owe so much of my success to having a blog that served as my own platform to showcase my brand, and that paved a way to form connections and build relationships online.

Needless, to say we’ve been online entrepreneurs, blogging from all over the world, and living life on our own terms ever since! To find out more about me, you can read my blog and take a look at my visual board!

Andrew Murray is a dynamic mix of tech geek and entrepreneur.  When not building marketing campaigns and fiddling with marketing funnels, you can often find him watching an indie movie or playing soccer.

Marie Torres

Marie Torres

Founder, Content Creator, Designer


My father was an entrepreneur who ran his own import/export business.

When I was growing up he would always tell me that when I grew up to be my own boss.  I think it was an inevitable conclusion that I would end up working for myself.

I love that both Andrew and I work from home, and that we've never had a traditional job.

I love it that we have had so many more choices in life and that we decide what we do on a daily basis.



Being an online entrepreneur has given us the freedom to choose where to live (prompting a cross country move), where and when to travel, choosing to homeschool our kids, and allowed us to build businesses we are passionate about.

Blogging has allowed us time, location, and income freedom.  The enormous impact of that has not been lost on me and I am grateful for all the extra time I have had in the last decade-plus to spend it with my family.

If you're ready to make a change, Andrew, myself, and the Blog Labs community are here to help!

marie torres

Marie Torres is head of client relations, graphic designer, and content creator. She has the MAGIC! She is the go-to queen for all things blog.  When not building blogs, you can find her baking, hugging her boys, or watching Hallmark Christmas movies (no matter what time of the year!)

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