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BlogLabs.ca is our favourite online endeavour because we get to help you “build something special!”

Andrew Murray

BlogLabs.ca Founder, visionary and marketer extraordinaire!

When I was really young my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up – I told her, “A house soldier.”

Thinking about it now, I guess, it’s kinda funny, that I did in fact, end up working from home.

In University, Marie and I ended up starting a “side hustle” online and because of it, we made 7 figures before the age of 30.

I owe so much of my success to having a blog that served as my own platform to showcase my brand, and that paved a way to form connections and build relationships online.

Needless, to say we’ve been online entrepreneurs, blogging from all over the world, and living life on our own terms ever since!  To find out more about me, you can read my blog and take a look at my visual board! 👉 😁

Andrew in a Nutshell!

Andrew Murray is a dynamic mix of tech geek and entrepreneur. When not building marketing campaigns and fiddling with marketing funnels, you can often find him watching an indie movie or playing soccer.

Marie in a Nutshell!

Marie Torres is head of client relations, graphic designer and vision creator.  She has the MAGIC!  She is the go-to queen for all things blog.  When not building blogs, you can find her baking, hugging her boys,  or watching Hallmark Christmas movies (no matter what time of the year!)

Marie Torres

BlogLabs.ca Founder, Head Creator with an eye for style!

I love our mission here at BlogLabs.ca – it's to build you something special!  There is nothing I enjoy more than to start with a vision and see it through to reality.

The feeling you get when something is done well, can't be beat and that's what we're here to help you do.


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