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I cannot thank you enough for all your assistance with building my very own personal blog. It is truly a piece of art.

Training with you has been invaluable. You cover every possible topic relating to the blogging business. You graciously made your sales and marketing information available. Usually, this would only be available to industry professionals.

I am so grateful I found you.  You and Marie have taken all the time necessary to answer all my questions in detail and strategize the best way for me to work my blog. I am so pumped! Thank you so much!

Jen O'Brien

We Do Blogs

Stress Free.


A Simple, Zero Stress Process for Starting Your Blog



Step 1: Done For You Setup - Order Your FREE Blog, Zero Stress

Bypass all the tech overwhelm; answer a few easy questions when you order, we'll set it up and configure everything (including must-have plugins) for you!

Step 2: Start Your Blog & Join Our Free Community For Support



Get access to our content library, and our free training. 

Start your blog with us and stay supported.

Step 3: Learn With Us. Grow Your Audience & Make Money

Learn with us, find and grow your perfect audience, ask questions and stay active in our community.

The Blog Labs Community


Here at BlogLabs we don't just build blogs, we're a community of learners.

We build people and help them live their best life.

We help people who want to build a business by bridging the gap between what you want to achieve and having the knowledge to go out and do it.

We do blogs.  Stress Free.

BlogLabs was founded on the premise that in order to to help bloggers, we don't just set you up with a blog, but we teach you what to do with it so that you can LIVE what you DREAM of.

When you order your FREE blog from us we want it to be a zero stress experience for you. 

We make the ordering process AND the learning curve to starting your blogging business as painless as possible, and then we support you and your dream every step of the way.

What do I mean by that?

When you order your blog, we also give you our blogging mini-course for FREE, all the information you need in our content library and access to our growing and thriving blogging community so that can get your questions answered when you have them.



Who Is Blog Labs For?


BlogLabs and the Blog Labs community is for those looking to start a professional blog. 

We will show you how to get started the right way starting with a custom done for you blog-set-up and our community will help you avoid the most common pitfalls for bloggers, cut your learning curve in half and discover how to get as many eyes on your blog through tried and true methods for finding traffic.  

The goal is to help you build a blog you are proud of with a passionate audience that allows your to build a thriving blogging business, create the income you desire all while having 100% control over your business and how you make money, all with zero stress.


Hey, We're

Andrew & Marie…

We were a couple of university students who had a dream of living our “best” life. 

We turned this “dream” into a family blogging business that has given us the ultimate in time, income and location freedom.

It started 15 years ago while we were still in University that we heard that people were making money using the internet.  We were intrigued. 

We started our online company living in a basement apartment in Toronto, Canada and though we struggled our first couple of years, we finally “got it” and made our first 7 figures before the age of 30.

Since then we have both been working full-time from home since our university days and have never had a traditional job.

We've since had 2 gorgeous boys and have travelled all over the world while working our online business.

There is nothing extraordinary about us, but we did create extraordinary results and YOU can, too! … And it is through the BlogLabs community that we want to give back.  We will show you how we did and will support you every step of the way!

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